• Product Code :SABASH0218
  • Product Name :ORCHIDEA
  • Category :Luxury
  • Type :Ceiling Mounted
  • Color :Chrome
  • Size :600mm
  • Classification:
  • Description: TheĀ Orchidea Trio shower headĀ makes showers a serene luxury. Boasting a simple aesthetic the shower head uses three shallow domes to form an oversized showerhead. Each head features three rings of anti-scale transparent silicon nozzles that rain sensuous streams of water. Combined, the three heads are then set into a larger circular body. The circular shapes and patterns lend a soft rhythmic form. Made of stainless steel the Orchidea Trio shower is finished in an innovative chrome surface, Supermirror. Supermirror gives a high reflective finish that repeals water, preventing stains and lime scale. It not only enhances the product but ensures it retains its elegant beauty.

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